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Mensagem  dgkallday em Qui Nov 19, 2009 4:12 pm

If you’ve picked up a skateboarding magazine in the last couple decades, chances are you’ve seen his work. And if you’re a fan of Foundation, Toy Machine, Zoo York, and pretty much every East Coast skater, chances are you’ve fanned out on his work. He’s been instrumental in giving East Coast skateboarding its hardworking, gritty, and genuine reputation, and these days he’s capturing that vibe for Zoo York. Everyone, meet my friend Sean Cronan.

How'd you get your start in photography?

Messing around with my dad’s camera a million years ago. I just started shooting photos of my friends skating, and riding bikes, and going to hardcore shows. I did a zine for most of high school.

What were some of the bands you shot?

Pretty much all the late 80's, early 90's hardcore bands. Youth of Today, Bad Brains, Supertouch, Absolution, Burn, Up Front, Gorilla Biscuits , Wide Awake, Fugazi , Strife, Jawbreaker , Endpoint, Split Lip , the list goes on and on.

How did you end up shooting skating?

My first magazine photo was a Black Label ad for my buddy Tim Upson. He had just turned pro, and he needed to shoot an ad, and I had a camera, and that was it. Back tail on a jersey barrier at night in the snow in January. The trick was great. The photo is terrible. Somehow it got run, and I've had stuff run ever since

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What’s your favorite kind of skating to shoot?

All of it.

You’ve lived on the East Coast for most of your life, but you did spend a few years in California. What are some of the major differences between the two places, from a photographer's perspective?

The East Coast looks better. It’s more interesting looking than Southern California in my opinion. Southern California is like a police state. It was almost a daily thing to get hassled by the cops in so cal. Spots are more rugged on the East Coast due to the weather.

What makes the prototypical "New England" skate photo?

Leaves on the ground. Not really sure. Dirty, rough looking spots. No palm trees. Overcast skies.

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What’s your ideal crew to take on a skate trip, and where do you go?

Dream Crew? I just came back from Japan yesterday, and I was with Westgate, Zered, and Eli Reed, and that was a pretty perfect group. I would add Barley, cause it’s great to have him around, and Leo, cause he’s Leo. And B.A. That would be my dream group. We would go to Australia, or China.

How much camera gear do you bring on say, a week-long skate trip?

Too much, probably, but I like to be prepared. I am definitely a gear head when it comes to camera equipment. That being said, a lot of my photos are available light.

What are some of the photos you are most proud of, and why?

The recent ads, and boards I’ve done for Zoo are my favorite so far. I feel like I am really starting to hit my stride.

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What's been your personal favorite cover so far?

Big Brother-Kris Markovich ollie on a mini ramp. The infamous “floating wheel” cover. Jeff Tremaine (art director) moved Kris up and over slightly to make room for the words, and left a wheel floating in the bush. There was a huge uproar and he almost quit in shame because of it. It was my first cover, so I was just psyched.

My other fave is Transworld-Zered Bassett front 5-0

What do you like to shoot besides skateboarding?

My son, Polaroids of everyday objects.

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Have you ever had bail shots that were published? That’s kind of a no-no in skate photography, right?

It hasn’t happened in a long time, but yeah, I’ve had a couple just like everyone else. We all know the scenario. Skater needs an ad, shot looks good. Get kicked out, or too sore to keep trying. Promises to go back and get it, but for whatever reason it doesn’t happen. Any photographer who says they have never had a bail shot run is probably being less than honest.

Who has been the easiest, or most difficult, skater to shoot?

In my mind there is no easier or harder skater to shoot. It usually comes down to the spot, and the particular situation that you are in.

Who are some good up-and-coming skate photographers that the mags should keep their eyes on?

This guy named BK in NY takes some good pictures.

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Skater sem skill

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